Private Residence Sadi Maindorf 093

Client: Private Investor
Location: 93 Sadi Mayendorf house estate, Zhukovka, Moscow region, Russia
Area: 1,437 sqm
Status: in construction 2010 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentaton

Considering that lots in this cottage settlement are very expensive, the task was to integrate a big house with a lot of functions on relatively small site. Also, fencing was needed towards the street and towards neighbours. Small atrium has been formed in order to allow privacy to the owner. The house is divided in several blocks and it is de-levelled. Security block is fully separated from main dwelling and autonomous. Garage is half-buried and with direct access to the main street. Modern materials and maximal glazing areas have been used to allow for appropriate daylighting, as the house is located in a thick, pine forest. Personnel zone is located in the semi-basement level, together with industrial kitchen. Connection between “black” and “white” kitchens has been designed per hotel norms.

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