Private Residence 6-058 Millenium Park

Client: Private Investor
Location: 6-058 Millennium Park house estate, Moscow region
Area: 1,157 sqm
Status: in construction 2012 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation

Client did not really know what he wanted to achieve both aesthetically and functionally. Bottom line was use of gable roof and pool overlooking the park. Lot orientation was far from ideal and this influenced the elongated form of master plan, orientating and all technical premises towards the street and all residential ones towards yard and beautiful park beyond it. Folding door of the pool allows the complete opening towards the yard and makes one believe they have a covered pool in summer. Big, cantilevered balconies allow efficient use of the ground floor porch. Because of the technical needs, ceiling of the pool is 1m higher than second floor level, which allowed one of the bedrooms to have the park view over a green roof.

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