Housing Estate Crystal Istra

Client: MCG Moscow City Group
Location: Crystal Istra housing estate, Moscow Region
Area: 90 ha (39 houses)
Status: in construction 2006 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation in cooporation with Spring studio
Winner of ARX AWARDS 2007

This design proposal brings together individual elements of city life to enliven the monotonous block houses of the late socialist housing style while harmonizing the entirety into a single whole. The developing strategy was to bring together and combine the best qualities of various urban typologies – the standard façade block work, the housing slab and towers. It gives privilege to the pedestrian, promotes urban density and offers best orientation, attractive views and proximity to the green. The masterplan demonstrates a flexible approach that is able to react to the demographic and economic developments. The infrastructural system and the equilibrium between urban and green blocks guaranty that the city is ‘complete’ at every stage of its development.

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