Facade Restyle of Office Building

Client: Association of managers, financial agents and international lawyers
Location: 40 Mosfilmovskaya, Moscow, Russia
Area: 6,400 sqm
Status: completed 2010 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation

The task was to change style f the existing building and “coat” it into modern materials, so that it can adequately be transformed into class “A” office centre For façade, NBK ceramic tiles, combined with composite panels RESOPAL, imitating wood, have been used, while first two floors are coated in granite. Window sizes have been maximally increased for more day lighting, and the last two floors have been made into penthouses, with their own gardens, performing also function of green roof. The open plan office floors allow for a maximum of flexibility. The interior courtyard allows for plentiful light, and the wood paneling creates a warm and relaxing space for the building’s occupants.

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