Hotel Les Chardon France

Client: SAS La Farandole
Location: France, Cote d’Azur, Sanary/Mer,
Area: 5.450 sqm
Status: design completed 2011 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project & Project Supervision

City administration and city architect’s request was to blend in the object into the surroundings as much as possible. The building is located within walking distance from hotel La Farandole. Design was made in accordance with local building norms, which prohibit buildings higher than 7 meters above ground. This is why the building was made in cascades. Next request of the local norms was that at least 35%of the land plot is left green, but green roofing could not be calculated in this area. Also, the object needed to be designed to include as much of the modern environment safe measures as possible, including maximal use of renewable energy sources. The object includes an underground car park, however its capacity was not enough and open space car park needed to be introduced. To protect cars from direct sunlight, pergolas, as elements of overall complex, have been added. Also, for every four car park spaces one tree has been planted.

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