Housing Estate SANTORA

Client: Private Investor
Location: Near Timoshkino village, Moscow region, Russia
Area: 12 Ha (30 houses)
Status: design completed: 2006 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project in cooperation with Sprign Studio Architects (www.springstudio.rs)

Starting points for the concept design of the cottage settlement were very difficult terrain and high expectations from the Client. The advantage of the plot is that the steep slope of it allowed all houses to be orientated to have a view of the river. The settlement included recreational zones, sport fields and promenades by the Istra River. Layout of the houses on the slope creates several interesting focal points and all settlement becomes more dynamic – although houses are typical, one feels that they are all unique. Forms of the houses are following the dynamics of the site, covered terraces give comfort during winter times as well as in the summer and big windows allow for houses to receive enough sunlight during winter and thus reduce the energy consumption. Façade colors are chosen to be in lone with the surroundings.

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