Interior of Business Lounge GLONASS

Client: East Line
Location: Airport Domodedo,  Moscow Region, Russia
Area: 400 sqm
Status: design completed 2007 (Portner)
Principle Architect – Design Project & Detailed Design Documentation

Owing to increasing passenger numbers a satellite building is currently being built on the apron at Moscow Airport. In the new terminal satellite business and senator lounges for are built on each of the two levels for around 600 guests. They are intended for passengers wishing to rest, work or simply pass their time mostly before or between connecting flights. The concept for the lounges caters to the fact that passengers may want to use the space for different purposes by splitting the lounge area into zones. Along the outer façade a comfort zone will invite guests to relax with an open seating area. Passengers will also be able enjoy a view of the apron, as panorama windows bring the fascination of aviation into the lounge, while the spacious bistro section will entice guests with a fruit buffet, snacks and refreshments. Service functions and closed areas such as resting zones, working and conference rooms are arranged in a connecting area in the rear section.

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