Interior of Center for Professional Clients METRO

Client: Metro C&C
Location: Leningradskoe shosse 71G, Moscow
Area: 2,100 sqm
Status: completed 2012
Advizer: Design Project & Detailed Design Documetation
Project Architect: Maja Urh (PRP Archtiects)

Center for Professional Clients Metro C&C is situated in the north-west part of Moscow, at the crossroads of Leningradskoe shosse and 75th km of MKAD. The territory of the Centre occupies about 2 100 sqm Centre for Professional Clients Metro C&C is intended to be placed on the existing parking area at the front left hand side of the first Metro C&C Store. It is a new 2-storey structure built above the existing parking lot. The building is connected by a bridge with the existing office space located on the second floor of the Metro store.

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