Interior Restaurant Le Sommelier

Client: Le Sommelier
Location: 30/7 Petrovka, Moscow, Russia
Area: 160 sqm
Cost: € 800,000
Status: completed 2009 (Portner)
Principle Architect – Design Project, Detailed Design Documentation, Author& Site Supervision

We have been attracted to this project as this has been the first restaurant in Moscow offering wine degustation through use of enomatic, which can keep the wine fresh up to several months. Each wine is cooled to its own, individual temperature and Argentine chef can offer the type f wine which accompanies the meal you choose. Corporate style of the future chain of restaurants across Russia has been created. Main motive was crystal bull, which the Client bought and wanted to exhibit on a wall in restaurant. The whole design idea started there. The building where the restaurant is located is old and constructed in arched ceiling system, which fitted into ambient perfectly. Big stained glass windows, brick and timber crate magical atmosphere. In order for customers to feel better while waiting for the order, the idea was to maximally enjoy the creative work of the chef.

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