Client: MCG Moscow City Group & Capital Group
Location: Istra, Moscow region
Area: 1200 ha
Status: design completed: 2005 (Houser)
Principale Architect – Design Project in cooperation with Sprign Studio Architects (

Working with Capital Group, was prepared a strategic plan for the growth and extension of the local settlement. Inspired by a study of traditional local settlement patterns, this extension of an existing urban area provides for 3000 new homes. They are arranged in distinct quarters and connected by an understandable hierarchy of streets. A new market square as the heart of the community. The layout and design of the streets and public spaces will reinforce a sense of community, safety and security. The plan includes extensive areas of open space, sporting facilities, schools and other community amenities. At the heart of the development is the ‘spine’, a route accessed through new ‘gateway’ public spaces which leads to a central square as the focus for the community.

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