Private Residence Baku

Client: Private Investor
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Area: 785 sqm
Status: completed 2007 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation

Raised, cantilevered eaves are formed due to climate with high temperatures and humidity. Main local building material is sandstone and we wanted to use it. Stone cladding of various thickness is used making the walls embossed, which produces play of light and shadows, giving the exterior of the house needed dynamics. Next to the main building, a summer kitchen with pergola is designed, giving possibility of various events to be organized. Next to the main building a summer kitchen with a pergola has been designed, where various events can be organized. A big terrace connects main building and summer kitchen into one whole. Shallow water pools are added around the house, which create a relaxing atmosphere.

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