Private Residence 6-038 Millennium Park

Client: Private investor
Location: 6-038 Millennium Park house estate, Moscow region
Area: 1,035 sqm
Status: 2012 – ongoing (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation

Clinet wish is traditional british house. The main design concept was to create building which would be traditional, modest and friendly to it’s neighbourhood and surrounding village context. The form of the new building complies with traditional house. The gable of pitched roof is tied together with walls. The facade finishes were built by stones and brick, roof finish in copper. The windows are designed with solid wood. The main living space is connected with loft gallery by rounde stair. The wooden balustrade is made from fixed oak’s profiles without top hand rail. Along both side of the gallery are situated other bedrooms, bathroom and changing room. The space on the gallery will be used as a library in future.

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