Private Residence RITTA

Client: Private Investor
Location: Ritta house estate, Moscow region
Area: 2,970 sqm
Status: completed 2007(Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation
Winner of Brick Awards Russia 2008

As a major admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, the Client wanted his own house to be as close to that style as possible. There are three buildings on the lot: a garage with living quarters for personnel, which is used to isolate the main building from the street; main building with covered, bridge-like connection to the third building, which includes guest rooms and pool with spa. Respecting the traditional American architecture, the facade has been designed out of clay bricks, dolomite and timber, while the roof is covered with copper sheeting. House needed to be isolated from two more sides – nearby highway and administration building. To achieve this, all functions are orientated towards the atrium and neighbor, giving the owner full intimacy.

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