Private Residence Vimpel 3

Client: Private Investor
Location: 3 Vimpel house estate, Moscow region
Area: 510 sqm
Status: in construction 2011 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project and Detailed Design Documentation

This house is located on a triangular lot. Client’s wish to be maximally separated from neighbours and lot shape influenced the semi-atrium solution of the house position. Another wish, to maximise the distance between garage and house entrance caused moving entrance deep inside the lot. This brings the feeling of positive isolation. Big cantilevers and eaves enable usage of the big balconies throughout the year. House horizontality dominates the lot and brings the feeling that there is no second floor. White travertine and dark brown brick are used to emphasize contrasts, while thermally processed ash tree elements to associate with feeling of warmth the house needs to bring. Big sliding door on the ground floor give the possibility to integrate the house with surrounding environment and nature. Technical rooms are isolated from the main building, but visually they are connected through eaves.

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