Частный дом Сады Майндорф 113

Client: Private Investor

Location: 113 Sadi Mayendorf house estate, Zhukovka, Moscow region

Area: 1,420 sqm

Status: design completed 2010 (Portner)

Principale Architect – Design Project Documentaton

Winner of XXI Century Residence Award 2010

The idea was to maximally interconnect the house and environment. The site is under sharp slope, which gave possibility to include the half-buried garage. The second floor is also connected to the terrain by green, sloped roof, which also has the function to increase the usable site area. Client’s request was to be provided with an economic entrance and the personnel zone. The pool is half-buried and maximally integrated into the environment. Modern materials are used, the Holland brick, Juma stone, neutral-color steel and fully transparent glazing. House was awarded the XXI Century Residence Award in 2010.

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