Shopping Mall 777

Client: Private Investor
Location: 2a Stolichnoe shosse, Kiev, Ukraina
Area: 56.100 sqm
Status: design completed 2010 (Portner)
Principale Architect – Design Project

The stores are located near a mayor entrance road to the city of Kiev. The fact that there is quite a distance between this road and the buildings, an area in use as a Park-and-Ride lot, caused a delicate design challenge: how to achieve a presence for the thousands of commuters on that road. These large retail outlets exemplify ability to solve design challenges and imbue quality and character to what is essentially a ‘common’ warehouse. The facts are that the turnover over the stores is way above expectation, that the building has added to the prestige and worth of the investor and that it has improved the spatial quality and visual appeal of the whole area. Combining good architecture and design skills with corporate branding has been the key to this success.

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