Telecommunication Center Avala

Client: Minister of telecommunicatio Serbia
Location: Avala, Belgrade region
Area: 5,105 sqm
Status: design completed 2003
Principale Architect – Design Project
in cooperation with Unv.Prof. Spasoje Krunic

After bombardment of Avala tower, city of Belgrade lost its symbol and mark that every metropolitan city in the world has. By form the tower reminds of its own history and hard times through which the city passed in 1999. Somewhat lower that its predecessor, the tower offers magnificent view of city panorama and in the foot of it, elevator connection to the office building of telecommunication centre is made. The office building is surrounded by old pine trees and designed as totally transparent, allowing pleasant work to all employees and feeling of better connection with the environment. The building is raised on steel columns and area below it is used as car park. Concrete, glass and steel as technologically modern materials characterize the whole complex, speak about era of new technologies in telecommunications.

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